Fringes Text Study 05/11/2019 – Kedoshim

After our many months of reading texts about the intersections of race, racism, white supremacy, and anti-Semitism, we’re turning back to Torah to examine rabbinical ideas about what behaviors constitute “holiness.” The parsha is Kedoshim, and we’re using a Sefaria text sheet for the first time to pull together a thousand or so years of scholarly responses to these issues:

1. Why in the start of this parsha does Moses address the whole community, not just the men, for one of the few times?
2. What is the intention behind the commandments to not insult the deaf or place stumbling blocks in front of the blind, and how are these connected to Oral Tradition prohibiting usury?
3. Vengeance vs. grudges – what gives?

Download our source sheet and join us!

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