Fringes November 2021

Our Fringes tradition is that the November service focuses on questions of time and holiness – how shabbat is a temple in time, not space, and how we live within the tension between life-time and clock-time. For our torah study we looked back at our own founding statement about being a non-zionist havurah – something we meant to do in March of 2020, but then the world crashed down on us. From that review we asked the questions:

What is non-zionist or anti-zionist Judaism?

What is a non-zionist or anti-zionist Jew?

What might “Judaism After Zionism” mean? What might it be?

What does it mean to you to be praying in an intentionally non-zionist space?

Prayer is the time we take to do it. The time is the gift, the sacrifice, the strength. Time, not the words we say nor how nor where we say them. Prayer is the space we allow it in our lives, the moments when we focus so intently beyond time that time flows differently, it ebbs and pools, waiting for us. Elliott batTzedek

You can download a PDF of our liturgy slides here. Listen to our signature Fall song, with lyrics from a poem by Lucille Clifton and music and arrangement by our co-leader Karen Escovitz here: The Leaves Believe.

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