High Holidays 5774 (2013)

We are so grateful for everyone who joined us over the High Holidays. What an amazing journey we’ve started, one of Radical Welcome, one of being willing to confront the violent absences in our stories and our lives.

In these few days together, we:

returned Bilah and Zilpah, mothers of half of the Twelve Tribes, to their rightful places in our listing of our ancestors

brought into how we consider our founding story of Abraham and Sarah the story of Hagar as she is understood in Muslim text and tradition

took on the complicated issues of Israel and Palestine in a way that was honest, loving, heartbroken, angry, sad, yearning, unsure—all the emotions caught up in a question central to our lives as 21st century Jews and for which there is no easy answer

considered how the recitation of Kol Nidre is an emotional necessity in the face of histories of violence against Jews and how the words of this ancient prayer provide ongoing comfort and support for victims of violence now

Look for more information here soon!

High Holidays with Tikkun Olam Chavurah

Supplement for Rosh Hashanah

Supplement for Yom Kippur

Rabbi Linda Holtzman Rosh Hashana speech: On Fear and Moving Forward

Elliott batTzedek Kol Nidre talk: To be forced to vow against oneself

Rabbi Linda Holtzman Kol Nidre talk: On the possibility of change

Rebecca Alpert Yom Kippur talk: Ending my exile from the Jews

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