Fringes Year 13

We began our bat mitzvah year with a great loss – the death of Mary Oliver, whose words we have used as prayer since our first service. Our February service was in honor of her life and work, combined with a Torah study of the life/words of Angela Davis as part of the #TorahofAngelaDavis nation-wide movement.

February 2019: whether or not you have ever dared to pray

March 2019: a wedge that has opened at last / the cold heart of winter.
Text study: The House of Representatives Resolution on anti-Semitism (plus all those other people general uprising caused them to include)

April 2019: Blessed this edge where we wait, balancing      Text study: What is anti-Semitism?

May 2019: and the bleeding hearts bleed only beauty      Text Study: Making Holy Community

June 2019: Telling the Bees    Text Study: Our White Supremacy Problem

July 2019:  you can stay in that country of sun and silence for as long as you like     Text Study: you shall not wrong a stranger

August 2019, Erev Shabbat: Fireflies rise like sparks

September 2019: We evolve through mistakes  Text Study: Rebecca Solnit on Hope

November 2019: Prayer is the space we allow it in our lives Text Study:  “Oh that you were like a brother to me,one who had nursed at my mother’s breasts.” Breast Milk as a Kinship-Forging Substance

December 2019: While darkness does its work

January 2020: You must call in a way that your spirit will want to return