Fringes Year Seven: February 2013 – January 2014

February 2013: No matter how long a winter, thaw comes

March 2013: If someone asks me what I believe in,
I say “tulips.”

April 2013: But we have only begun to love the earth.

May 2013: Do you love this world?

June 2013: Oh, who could need more proof than honey to know that our world was meant to be sweet?

July 2013: and come in swift and fragrant redness

August 2013: Erev Shabbat: Let Evening Come

October 2013: Confronting Fukushima – we should have been on our knees for this

November 2103: Time is a river flowing

December 2013: Bear yourself up on small wings

January 2014: it could almost be an answer

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