Fringes Year 14

We started our 14th year with a party for our bat mitzvah, then everything, of course, changed. We did in person early in March, concerned and keeping some distance from one another physically, but still singing and speaking and sharing an oneg. We didn’t have a service in April, but returned in May, one week off our regular schedule and on Zoom. We’ll continue meeting online for the foreseeable future, as there is no safe way to speak aloud and sing together. The loss of singing together is a constant grief, and yet praying together online means we’ve been able to welcome visitors from near and far.

February 2020: to be holy, something must exist in relationship

Text Study: Revisiting Our Founding Statement

March 2020: We Seek Solace

May 2020: But are you prepared to live in the space between your ears?

Torah Talk – we learned a bit about the rules of the Jubilee and then talked about the world we wanted to build on the far of this time of upheaval.

June 2020: Pollination, Not Police Nation

Text study: Yes, we mean abolish the police and MP150 FAQ on Defunding the Police