Fringes Special Services

Over the years we’ve created many different special services, always in response to what’s happening in our community or in the world. Needing to pray together in order to grieve or celebrate is yet another reason we don’t use the standard, unchanging liturgy of the siddur. Jewish services did not start out with unchanging liturgy – communities that had poets had new work created each week in order to respond to the world around them.

Some people find that using the exact same words every week helps them ride out a changing world.

We are not those people.

You’ll find a few of our special services below:

October, 2007: the first service we did about Time

February, 2010: Shabbat Zachor – the shabbat of remembrance

August 2010: Grieving the Gulf

September, 2011: 10th Anniversary of 9/11

October, 2013: Fukushima

February, 2014: Celebrating Pete Seeger

August, 2014: Gaza

December, 2014: Black Lives Matter

February, 2015: Tu B’Shvat

October, 2015: Sh’mini Atzeret/water

December, 2015: Praying in a world of gun violence and terrorism

January, 2016: Chasing Divinity

July, 2016: Special Yizkor service for Orlando and other victims of terror and state violence

September, 2016: Elul Service

December, 2017: Shared Service with Tikkun Olam Chavurah – Jerusalem

October, 2018: This is my body, This is my home

November, 2018: Tree of Life – Say Their Names

February, 2019: Honoring Mary Oliver

February, 2020: Praying While the World Burns

May, 2022: Make safe her choice

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