Shabbat morning Saturday October 12, 10 am: Confronting Fukushima

Please join us on Saturday morning the 12th for a special service
about the ongoing effects of the disaster at Fukushima. I know many of
us have not really been immersed in the details, for all the usual
reasons — the crush of our own lives, trying to save schools and
healthcare and other systems melting down in our our communities, and
the wall of heavy fear that waits to crash down on us when we face the
worst of what happens on our swiftly tilting planet.

So, in our time together that shabbat morning, we’ll build a container
in which we can, all together, turn to face this fear and this
reality. Otter and I will be bringing music and words out of our
shared past at the Women’s Peace Camp, and using Jewish sacred texts
to search for comfort and challenge.

If you have texts or sources you think would be useful, please send
them. If you’d like to take on leading (or co-leading) Torah study
focusing on stories of destruction and redemption in our Tribal
history, speak up!

Now I have a service to go create. See you next weekend!

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