Praying with Fringes 11/19/2013 – If time is a river flowing

דִּבְרֵי תּוֹרָה / Blessing of Revelation

Group 1:
If time is a river flowing
are you on the bank, watching
or in the river, swimming or floating?

Group 2:
When you work, are you standing still
while time passes by, or moving along
with the arc of the sun from dark to light
to dark again?

Group 1:
Will you live in the land of industry
where time is a tool, a stolen resource, running out,
a ticking time bomb counting down to when
you are older, rusty, finally no longer turning,

Group 2:
or in cycles of sunrises and sunsets, the moon’s cycle of dark
to light to dark again, cycles of expanding of wisdom, of death
as the completion of your purpose here?

Group 1:
Will you tell your friends to meet you at the movie at 7:30
then spend the day watching the clock, watching the traffic,
using your cell phone to text “I’m running 10 minutes late,
where are you?”

Group 2:
or tell your friends to meet you at the river when the sun
kisses the tree line, where you patiently await their arrival
deep in the awe of the sunset?

If time is a river flowing, are you
standing on the bank, watching it pass,
or in the water, moving toward
the great convergence, the moment of joining,
where each moment becomes part
of the whole of everything?

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