Praying with Fringes 12/01/2013 – World AIDs Day: Bless this body

Bless This Body, The House of My Soul
adapted from Rabbi Miriam Senturia

We bless the beauty, the intricacy, the softness and hardness,
The creative, life-sustaining powers of our bodies.
We bless the intricate design of the openings and channels of our bodies,
through which our life force is nourished.
We bless the beauty, the silkiness, the curly coarseness of the hair
We bless the beauty, the round soft fullness, the muscular hardness,
the simple lines of our bellies our hips, our thighs.
We bless the beauty, the life-sustaining and symbolic powers of our breasts.
We bless the awesome cycle of life coursing through our bodies, moving us through time.
If even one channel becomes blocked, how much harder it becomes to sing praises.
Bless this body, the house of my soul.

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