Praying with Fringes July 2018

Fringes met on Saturday, July 14th in the social hall at Germantown Friends Meeting House. In response to the ugliness of the political world around us, we prayed, sang, and learned together about the history of ICE and strategies communities are using to confront it.

You find our liturgy here: July 2018: and declare to one another I see you I see you I see you.

We introduced a new tune for min hametzar, one that is much more contemplative and opening-up rather than the usual marching rhythm. You can find it here, performed by the kirtan group that created it: Min Hametzar with Azamra.

And we tried out a new bit of liturgy, in the slot for the Blessing of Redemption. This new work let us name aloud as the wrong they are the various atrocities happening in our body politic. For now, the piece is called “Lest in the future our silence be held as witness against us we say.” We’ll be trying it again, and definitely using it during the High Holidays. Turns out that we all had a lot of pent-up feelings about the number of Wrong Things that have been happening. Look for another post soon about this new liturgical element!

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