Fringes March 2022: we shake with joy/we shake with grief

Fringes met via zoom for what is, for us, a regular March service, honoring the natural world’s awakening from winter here in the holy land where we dwell. We also marked the reality of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, honoring the shock we all feel and our fear for the people being attacked.

Download our March 2022 liturgy here.

This month’s Blessing for Revelation of Wisdom was Wendell Berry’s poem “Look Out,” naming the Lords of War who burn the planet for profit urging us to say “yes” to community and the natural world.

For torah study we invited scholar and community member Faith Hillis to give us a context for this violence, and to answer our questions to the best of her current knowledge. A few resources she shared with us:

Her own article in The Atlantic about taking down the oligarchs

A podcast on Putin vs. Ukrainian history

A video on the context for this crisis from the University of Chicago

Faith’s list of vetted, most-effective places to donate to help the Ukrainian people

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