November Fringes 11/10/2018

Saturday 11/10/2018
10 a.m.
Germantown Friends Social Hall
21 W. Coulter Street
Philadelphia, PA 19144

A quick update about tomorrow’s service. Otter and I have just talked through what we’ll do be doing, and are extending a strong request for your presence as we seek comfort in our community of shared values and radical hopes.

We will be mourning, yes, all the deaths and fear since last we met. And, to quote an article we’ll be using for Torah study, “Our grief is a starting point” in a larger struggle for the world we want to live in. We’ll be praying breath, praying fear, praying connection, praying change.

Rather than the scheduled Melanie Kaye/Kantrowitz article for Torah study, we’ll be talking about the murders in Pittsburgh with the support of these essays:

Our Grief is a Starting Point in the Fight Against Fascism

Attacking Anti-Semitism

In a furious and wild love,

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