Fringes Year 15

We’re starting our 15th year so very aware of the urgency of our connections as we marked our 14th anniversary celebrating the life of Dr. Barbara Granger, a beloved founding member of the chavurah who died just days before our service.

Fringes February 2021: When she walked, she walked in beauty

Torah: we shared the Torah of Barbara Granger

Fringes March 2021: Marking this year as one kind of holiness

Torah: Dori Midnight’s “Miriam and the Tachash”

Fringes April 2021: For only the living can sing songs of praise

Torah: The Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism, and the JVP Statement on Dismantling Antisemitism

Fringes May 2021: a cicada shell / it sung itself utterly away

Torah: these natural beauties, unique in all the world

Fringes June 2021: Tell the Bees

Torah Study: Understanding the “Indian School” system and how it lives on in Palestine

Fringes July 2021: to be holy, something must exist in relationship

Torah: The Wilderness Itinerary, and what it means for the Torah to not include the conquest of the “promised land”

Fringes October 2021: blue-gray sentinels, nearly motionless

Torah: We looked at some source texts for the creation story in Genesis, then talked about what it would mean to re-imagine Jewish history as the story of a tribe who wandered and borrowed and shared, rather than “chosen” people or conquering people or eternal victims.